St. Paul College of Makati

Caritas Christi, Urget Nos

SPCM @ 78 Service Awards S.Y. 2019-2020

By Michaela Cruz
Working couple Mr. and Mrs. Angeles receive their awards for 30 years of service in St. Paul College of Makati.

               The St. Paul’s Week celebration is not solely for the Paulinian students but also for the celebration for the loyalty of the teaching staffs and non-teaching staffs throughout the years in the institution. The service awards occurred at the Gymnasium 1 of Father Louis Chauvet building on the feast day of St. Paul, January 25. The service awardees include: Ms. Maria Cristina M. Del Cano for ten (10) years of service, Mrs. Mary Vincent M. Matienzo and Ms. Arlin B. Delta for fifteen (15) years of service, Mr. Eric L. Bretana for twenty (20) years of service, Mrs. Nerisa L. Lozarita for twenty-five (25) years of service, Mrs. Conchita Angeles and Mr. Danilo V. Angeles for thirty (30) years of service.

               As the event was about to start, some students from the Senior High School Department offered gifts such as a bouquet of eye-catching red roses to their teachers and adviser who was also a service awardee. The awarding began with a heartfelt opening prayer led by Mr. Evmel Reodique, a teaching staff for CLVE, and afterwards, the singing of the National Anthem which was conducted by Mr. Jeffrey Buensuceso, a teaching staff for MAPEH. The grandmasters of the ceremony, Mrs. Aynsberg Moreno, a teaching staff for English and Mr. Domingo Villacortes III, a teaching staff for Research, introduced the awardees one by one. Furthermore, the service awardees had the chance to walk at the red carpet located at the middle towards the center of the lower stage in order for them to be recognized. The family and friends of the service awardees were also invited in the event.

              Moreover, the giving of awards was spearheaded by Sr. Esperanza Rafael Rodriguez, SPC, Sr. Maria Soccoro Marcos, SPC, Sr. Mary Urban Mago, SPC and Sr. Adel Bonzon, SPC. Each awardee was given a trophy and thanksgiving gift from the school. Afterwards, photo opportunities with the sisters, SPCM administrators, colleagues, friends and families occurred. They were offered a chance to have present their speech.

             “I would not be standing here without the help of the sisters, my colleagues, friends, family and of course God” stated by a service awardee.  Every awardee expressed their gratitude and thanks during the speech. On the other hand, Sr. Esperanza, SPC gave a heart-warming and thanksgiving message dedicated to the service awardees and to their families for years of sacrifice, loyalty and hard work for the Paulinian community. Subsequently, the buffet opened for the guests to dine in. All school’s staffs and employees were also invited to join in the feast. As the simple lunch went on, the guests were serenaded by selected MAPEH teachers present in the event. |Michaela Cruz|.