Our Philosophy and Vision & Mission Statement


St. Paul College of Makati, a Catholic Paulinian educational institution, believes that every child can best learn within a caring community, and endeavors to provide meaningful, relevant, and engaging learning environment where the potentials and gifts of the child are developed to the fullest towards the formation of an integrated, Christ-centered, and socially-responsive Paulinian.


We, the Paulinians of St. Paul College of Makati, imbued with the Christocentric-Paschal Spirituality of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres, envision to produce morally and socially responsible, academically competent, and technologically equipped PAULINIAN GRADUATES who are able to respond to the needs and challenges of the Church, of the society, and of the times we are in.


We commit ourselves to provide activities for moral, psycho-spiritual, intellectual, and physical development; maximize human and material resources for the enrichment of the learning processes; strengthen social responsibility and community building through meaningful outreach services; and develop technological skills through multi-media resources.