…through the Years



The Paschal Mystery at work
The Early Years
January 1, 1970


The Foundation Year. Mother Alice de St. Paul Huchery, the provincial Superior, assigned three Sisters to open a school at the Parish of Sts. Peter and Paul at the request of Fr. Lazaro Ochuga, the parish priest. Fr. Ochuga vacated his quarters to reside with a parishioner’s family to give way to Kindergarten and Grades 1 & 2 classes. The three Sisters, Sister Marie Catherine Pimentel, Sister Eugene Lourdes Santiago, and Sister Marie Clotilde of the Cross Andes, resided with the Sisters of Hospital Español de Santiago, an administered hospital of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres.


Classes were suspended because of the War.

Rising from the Ruins of War
January 1, 1970


Classes in Kindergarten and Grades 1-4 levels resumed and were held in the Church sacristy and in the dilapidated convent.  The Sisters were invited to reside at the house of Mother Esperanza Cu Unjieng, RA, located along the Pasig River.

Later on the same year, the family of Atty. Adolfo Brillantes offered the Sisters their residence because they saw how the Sisters were experiencing difficulty in commuting. 

Fr. Lazaro Ochuga and Bro. Edward Chrisholm, FSC, conducted “Begging Operations” among enlisted Armed Forces in the Far East for wood scraps and G.I. sheets to reinforce the school building.


The Sisters transferred to their newly-built quarters within the school premises.


The school received the apostolic blessing of Pope Pius XII.

Intermediate classes were opened and two classrooms were constructed above the sacristy for the first two levels of High School. 

The Official Recognition: Grade School Department
January 1, 1970


The Grade School Department received full government recognition; it was officially known as MAKATI CATHOLIC SCHOOL.


The Sisters, in the succeeding years, continued the tremendous task of improving and increasing the School’s physical structure to accord better facilities, update the competency of teachers, and enhance learning situations for the Makati Paulinians.

The High School closed due to lack of funds and facilities.


A four-storey building was blessed on the occasion of the School’s Silver Jubilee.


Reverend Francisco Teodoro, the parish priest, confirmed through a letter that Makati Catholic School was owned and administered by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres but the land belongs to the Parish Church. [It is to be noted though that as years went by, some lots were acquired by the Congregation to provide for the needs of the growing population.]

Continuing to Grow and Expand
January 1, 1970


The name of the school was changed into ST. PAUL SCHOOL MAKATI.



The Torrens Title of a neighboring lot was handed by Mr. Alberto Tantoco to the Sisters amidst the cheering group of parents and pupils. The lot was used as a playground at first but within a few years thereafter, the place was transformed into a covered auditorium-gymnasium for school activities.


Another three-storey building, housing the Preschool, Home Economics Room, the Library, and the Sisters’ Cloister was blessed.


St. Paul School of Makati (SPSM) presented its first big concert of songs and dances entitled “HIMIG Indak.”

The Kinder Learning Center was blessed. The gymnasium was undergoing renovation necessitating the commencement exercises for the first to be held outside the school at the San Carlos Seminary.

A faculty group attended the English Seminar at the SEAMO Regional Language Center in Singapore; selected pupils won second place in the CALTEX Science Contest.


More renovations were completed in existing structures to provide better and updated facilities, e.g., the Canteen, AVR, the gymnasium.


Side by side with improving the school’s physical structures was the increase of faculty and student development activities. The pupils became more engaged and performed notably in interschool competitions with impressive performance in campus journalism competitions.

The New Millennium
January 1, 1970


The name of the school was changed to ST. PAUL COLLEGE OF MAKATI to accommodate further development plans like the operation of the High School Department. The construction of the Fr. Louis Chauvet Building, to house the High School Department, was completed.


Selected students/pupils participated in the stage play on the history of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in the Philippines entitled, “Women with a Heart” directed by Fr. James B. Reuter in celebration of the Centenary of the Sisters of St. Paul in the Philippines.

The Cheering Squad of the High School Department was fielded for the first time in the interschool cheering competition in support of the Makati City’s Anti-Drug Abuse Advocacy program and was adjudged champion.  From then on for 4 years, the school’s cheering squad had the honor of being the first in the competition.


Marie Anne de Tilly Building, constructed on the newly acquired lot along San Juan Street, housing the Grade 1 classrooms and the Sisters’ Cloister, was blessed in September. The former Sisters’ Cloister was turned into a mini-sports area for additional play space for the children; the school library was renovated.

The Grade 4 classes started to have whole day classes instead of the double-single session schedule.

The High School Department turned over its first batch of graduates of 133 students.


The High School was given full government recognition by the Department of Education on May 10, 2007.

Classrooms were equipped with television sets and DVD players with the efforts of the Parents-Teachers Homeroom Council (PTHC). The school population increased considerably.

Ma. Kristina Camille D. Tan was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Students of Makati (TOSM), the first ever Paulinian of Makati to get this prestigious title.

Dra. Marielle Sugue-Castillo, alumna 1979, was also hailed as one of the recipients of the country’s Ten Outstanding Young Men/Women (TOYM/W).


The school’s facilities had gone through leaps of improvement to provide excellent student services, e.g., the library processes were automated using the OPAC, the High School Science laboratories had been renovated, the Student Development Center (Guidance Center) had been upgraded in terms of personnel and services, the Canteen had been widened, among others.

The Musica Paulinos, the school’s official glee club was organized with the leadership of Mr. Jeffrey Buensuceso.

PAASCU approved the school’s application for accreditation; the school was visited for consultancy on July 2010.

Chrystal Maureen C.Tan was recipient of the Jaycees Leadership Award.

Though school year 2009-2010 was a difficult year due to the damaging typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng that ravaged many areas in Metro Manila and the suburbs, the best of the Paulinians surfaced especially when several lay collaborators and students/pupils and their families volunteered to help in relief operations. The students of Year IV – St. Alphonsus, together with their adviser, Miss Glore Vi Vinarao, and the CES Coordinator, Miss Gemma Ordillano, marooned in the community outreach visit to Tahanang Walang Hangdan, became instruments of God’s saving hand for the paraplegics during this risky time. Though they were inconvenienced a lot and worried for their own safety, the group rendered valuable services and comfort to the physically disabled during the height of the flood. In the end, the Paulinians grew more mature in their perspective of life and in social responsibility.


Sr. Anthony Ponce, SPC, was the second recipient of the Father Lazaro Ochuga Award given during the St. Paul’s celebration in recognition of almost three decades of her stay in the school nurturing the seed of Paulinian education.

Wendy Angeline Peñafiel, the Gerry Roxas awardee of batch 2010-2011, was one of the awardees of the Ten Outstanding Students of Makati (TOSM), a yearly search done by the Rotary Club and the City government.

The results of the PAASCU Preliminary Survey received in April 2011 were favorable, qualifying the school for the formal visit set after a year.

On the feast of the Good Shepherd on May 15, 2011, the Mother Myriam Kitchaoren building was inaugurated with Monsignor Gerardo Santos, MAPSA Executive Officer, and Fr. Estelito Villegas, parish priest of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, as presiders. This structure along P. Burgos Street stands on the lots acquired from the Keng and Almeria families who willingly gave up their properties for the sake of Paulinian Education.

The By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation were amended, specifically meant for the expansion of the membership of the Board of Trustees from 10 to 15. The first BOT meeting with lay partners—namely, Atty. Sabino Padilla, Jr., Dr. Celedonia Santos, and Ms. Wynna Medina—was held on July 9, 2011.

The lots of the Figueroa family were acquired in anticipation for the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum.

For the second time that the Fun Run was organized, the Parents-Teachers Homeroom Council (PTHC) and St. Paul College Alumni Association (SPCMAA) combined efforts drawing a big number of participants from the Paulinians and their families for the said activity held at the University of Makati Oval on the early dawn of October 23, 2011.


The grand alumni homecoming on January 4-7, 2012, highlighted the school’s celebration of its 70th foundation anniversary. The event was started with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Edric Bedural, the youngest priest among the alumni who offered their lives for the service of God and the Church. 

Moved by the thrust to deepen the spirituality of excellence, the Paulinians of Makati exerted their best to develop their potentials to the fullest. Their participation in the 7th National Paulinian Science Congress had proven the versatility of the Paulinians, having bagged the gold in the HS Investigatory Project, Song Writing Interpretation, Photo Story, and GS Quiz Bee.

The Paulinians are, likewise, starting to make their names in the national landscape with their achievements in nationwide competitions, i.e., National Music Competitions for Young Artist (NAMCYA), Voice of the Youth, Pasiklaban, Robotics, sports competitions, among others. 

The school year 2011-2012 was capped by the TOSM award, which was bagged by two Paulinian graduates, namely, Krizia Subingsubing and Michelle Hernandez, first honorable mention and valedictorian, respectively. Though every year, a Paulinian get recognition among the top performing students, this was the first time that two SPCM students were included among the ten students from the different schools of Makati City.

The Math area of the school had also affiliated itself with the Math Teachers Guild (MTG), which opened the doors for intensive training for teachers and students and opportunities for international competitions. Mark Edward Gonzales, a Grade 5 pupil, was qualified in the International Mathematics competition in Singapore where he garnered a silver medal.

With the mandate of the Department of Education to implement the K to 12 Curriculum, the School conducted a Summer Bridging Program for 14 Kinder 1 pupils, aged 6 years old by June 2012; these pupils were calibrated to Grade 1 for school year 2012-2013. The summer months were likewise devoted for an intensive academic planning of the Faculty using the Understanding by Design framework to meet the demands of the K to 12 Curriculum.

The new school year 2012-2013, was welcomed with a new directress, Sr. Bernadette Padawel, SPC.

The school, looking forward to its celebration of its diamond jubilee in 2017, remains like a little “Levesville”, small in its beginnings but its roots getting embedded in the hearts and the lives of its beloved sons and daughters. Like the proverbial mustard seed sown on rich soil, it grows nurtured by God’s loving providence and constantly blessed by the generosity of the parents and benefactors, by the faithfulness of the lay collaborators, by the gratefulness of the Paulinian graduates, and by the constant prayers of the Sisters. The school’s continuing existence and expanding mission remain to be a symbol of God’s great love and an experience of Christ’s Paschal Mystery.