Fees and Financial Policy


  • The parent/guardian of the pupil/student who plans to withdraw from the School is required to submit a Letter of Intent to Withdraw/Transfer to the School Directress/Principal.
  • The Clearance for Withdrawal/Dropping is issued for completion after dialogue with the Homeroom Team Leader, and the letter was further endorsed to the School Directress/Principal.
  • The pupil/student settles all subject requirements and financial obligations for clearance purposes.
  • It must be noted that the pupil/student who withdraws after the third week since classes started will be made to pay the tuition and other school fees due for the rest of the school year.
  • The pupil/student is issued the transfer credentials, which include the Report Card (Form 138) and the needed certifications only after the Withdrawal Form and Clearance Slip had been submitted. The Permanent Record (Form 137) is forwarded only upon the request of the school where the pupil/student had enrolled.

The following refund amount is given by the Finance Office when a student or a pupil withdraws from enrollment, as stipulated in the Enrollment Contract:

During the Enrollment PeriodAll Registration Fees
First Week of Classes90% of the total amount of all fees
Second Week of Classes80% of the total amount of all fees
Third Week of Classes70% of the total amount of all fees
Any time after the Third WeekNo refund