St. Paul College of Makati

Caritas Christi, Urget Nos

5 Rings of St. Paul College of Makati

By Jisu Jang
Grade 10 students showcase their talents in this year's Cheer Dance Competition, held last January 24, 2020. They soon emerged as the champion of the said competition.

Our new Directress/ Principal Sr. Esperanza Rafael Rodriquez, SPC supports the new implementation of different extracurricular activities that encourages the students to engage in different competitions, inside and outside school. Thus, in collaboration with the MAPEH Faculty and the new administration, they were able to add more Sports Organizations in the school, such as: Badminton, Chess, and Swimming. Throughout this enactment, students were able to be more cooperative in terms within their active participation in contemplating with various sports activities held at different gymnasiums inside the campus. Now, there are currently five active Sports Organizations: Volleyball (GS/HS),headed by Coach Tootsie Gabutin; Basketball GS, Coach Tootsie Gabutin and Basketball HS, Mr. Evmel Reodique; Badminton (GS/HS), headed by Mr. Raynaldo Salting; Chess (GS/HS), headed by Mr. Nimrod; and Swimming (GS/HS), headed by Ms. Alecx Denum.

There have been concerns about the lack of facilities of the school and the share of space for the different sports, including the SPDC (St. Paul Dance Company) in Gym 2. According to Mr. John Rhey Delos Reyes, STL in MAPEH, it would be a big factor that would affect the outcome of their training of the athletes but this shouldn’t stop the coaches and teachers to train the students to share their knowledge and capabilities. Sooner or later the construction of the Gymnasium 3that is planned by our directress, will be done, therefore it could allot another space for the athletes to have their respective trainings and acts.

This school year, we expect students to join various competitions, even the ones with no organization such as Taekwondo this October at the district meet, and students who compete in gymnastics sports. These organizations will widen the exposure of the students outside the school. In relation with the OBE curriculum, this would help students to be exposed upon opening their doors towards the extend opportunities that the school could bring, wherein they will be able to share and develop their own talents that can also help enable them to inspire and motivate other people who is experiencing low self esteem within themselves.