The fast changing world poses a lot of challenges for the individual in the many areas of life. An attempt is made to prepare the Paulinians to be able to adjust and meet the demands of their present and future life. Assistance is given to students in exploring different ways of acquiring skills in self-awareness, interpersonal relationship, coping with the pressures of home and school life, decision making, as well as problem solving. Considering the DepEd Order No. 52, s. 1998, SPCM structured its efforts to provide the pupils/students with the opportunity for growth to function effectively in a variety of human endeavors as provided in its Revitalized Homeroom Guidance Program (RHGP).


In line with the SPCM vision-mission, the RHGP aims to assist the Paulinian pupil/student to develop into a person who can make his/her own decisions based on a thorough knowledge of himself/herself and of his/her environment, so he/she can take his/her proper place in society in view of the full development of his/her potentials. Specifically, the program intends to:

a.   Embolden the pupil/student to live out his/her Paulinian identity through the practice of the Paulinian core values;

b.   Impart knowledge through the Homeroom activities that will help make the pupil/student recognize and accept the uniqueness of his/her person;

c.    Assist the pupil/student to identify and develop his/her God-given talents and learned skills, leading to a healthy and positive concept of the self;

d.   Provide the pupil/student with worthwhile Homeroom activities that will promote the values of team work,

e.   Help the pupil/student to integrate values and skills, and apply them in choosing a career and practicing and upholding the dignity of work;

f.    Make the Homeroom Advisers recognize their significant role as value formators and empowered agents through their example;

g.   Make parents conscious of their inherent and special role as primary educators of their children through activities designed for them.